Video: Halo Tora - 'Man Of Stone' (Feat. Solareye)

Halo Tora
Glaswegian Prog Rock band Halo Tora released their new single ‘Man of Stone’ on May 11th which is in aid of SAMH (Scottish Association of Mental Health).

Along with the single release is an incredibly creative music video, one that I have not seen like it before, which is very refreshing in this day and age of music videos. When a band puts a clear and deliberate message to their audiences about mental health awareness I always feel that it is a rather brave and bold move, it is not something that many of us find easy to speak out about, so it is encouraging to see that bands are starting to speak about this subject within their music as it can really help their listeners coping with their own struggles.
This track I also find is a rather brave move, in terms of putting  rapper Solareye's creative input over Tora’s very distinctive sound. When I first played ‘Man of Stone’ I was not 100% sure that the song sat well with the rest of the first chapter of their album, but by the end of the song I had to play it again…then again, and so on. I was hooked, which does not come as a surprise to me as Tora’s previous releases have all been astounding craftsmanship. Halo Tora released ‘Man of Stone: Chapter 1’ on April 6th, 2018. I highly recommend that you go and listen to it loudly!

Words and thoughts of Pete Herbert

If you would like to donate to SAMH, please visit this link…