Single Review:Them Swoops - 'Summer Daze'

Australian indie pop band Them Swoops have released their second single of 2018 with 'Summer Daze', a really joyful song which is perfect for setting the scene for the summer ahead.

Having formed in 2012 Dave McGann and Chris Goff a.k.a Them Swoops have been going from strength to strength which has included airplay on Triple J, supporting The Maccabees & exposure in America. With the release of 'Summer Daze' Them Swoops continue to rise as a really successful band.

'Summer Daze' has a great fast tempo, catchy riffs and soft vocals which provide the ingredients to be not only a great indie rock tune but a brilliant song for many occasions. What is especially touching about the song though is the video to 'Summer Daze' which features the only footage of singer Dave's mum he has been able to see. Dave's mum tragically died not long after the footage was shot when Dave was only two, this is the only footage of him and his parents together which is truly moving. This brings so much more value to the track because they are able to bring the family back together through this great song.

'Summer Daze' is a really fun song and is perfect for the summer, also with the inclusion of the video it brings a whole new perspective of enjoying the fun moments together while you have the chance.

Words of Shaun Mulhern


  1. Thems my boys! I love this song. I am constantly amazed by their creativity, and they are solid musicians to boot!


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