Single Review: The King's Parade - 'The Look'

The King’s Parade have released their brand new single ‘The Look’. With it’s crisp guitar refrains, syncopated drum rhythms and surging vocal harmonies, the band manage to yet again perfectly blend alternative and soul. The outcome of which is a song that harks to the late-70s with a groove that instantaneously gets under your skin from the outset. Consciously or not, you find yourself bopping along to the melody.

Talking about the track frontman Olly Corpe says, “‘The Look’ is about jealousy and everything that comes along with it. It can start as a seed of doubt in your mind, but suddenly you find your head’s in the clouds, dreaming up the most unlikely situations. The song follows someone going through those emotions and giving in to those delusions; so much so that reality is out of sight.

The Look’ follows the release of the band’s highly praised single ‘Woman’. That song addresses the issues of gender imbalance and led the band to be featured as BBC Introducing’s ‘Artist Of The Week’ and shortlisted for the ‘UMA Choice Award’ at the forthcoming Unsigned Music Awards 2018.

The King’s Parade continue to refine a new soul blueprint that’s seeing a loyal and expectant fanbase grow by the day, cementing their status as one of the most naturally talented and hustling young acts this year.

Words by Marijana Mladenić