Single Review: In Dynamics - 'Happy and Honest'

Massive riffs, carefully crafted melodies and raw lyrics dominate ‘Happy & Honest’, the latest offering from UK rock trio In Dynamics.

Sussex rockers In Dynamics makes their latest step forward with newest release ‘Happy & Honest’. Comprising of front man Beau Boulden and siblings Jack and William Wrench, the acclaimed three-piece has already been shortlisted as part of the Heavy Music Awards Best Album of 2016. Listening to them, it is easy to see why they have stood out in a genre done by so many, as they push the boundaries and explore their creativity in their sound.

An atmospheric electronic opening guides the listener in with a serene, tranquil soundscape, before an acoustic guitar joins in with a hushed countermelody. Opening line “I wait, with my hands tied to my own ignorance” reveals the deeply introspective nature of the piece, stunning listeners with not only the thoughtful lyricism but also with Boulden’s silky delivery of the line. As we approach the end of the first verse, a brief moment of quiet is followed by thunderous drumming as the full band joins in all at once. It is a cleverly thought-out transition from a collected character to a passionate outburst; it unveils the underlying energy and unpredictability pulsing throughout the track, creating a sense of excitement and keeping listeners on the edge of their seats, eager for more.

A painfully honest pre-chorus lays everything bare, with confessional lyrics such as ‘I cannot tell you. I’m so ashamed I can’t even explain. I know you will leave me, I know you won’t love me’. Exquisite vocal harmonies and driving instrumentals all build up to a climax, dropping away for a split second before returning with even more fervor than before. There is an explosive energy as you hit the chorus, and I guarantee you will get shivers down your spine from the sheer intensity of it. You can clearly hear the feelings behind every word, every drum hit, and every strum. There is no shortage of impressive bass lines and ardent guitar riffs, demonstrating In Dynamics’ ability to combine technical playing with moving melodies to create a highly memorable sound. The song has its moments of peacefulness, but it also has its fair share of fiery passion, and this careful balancing creates a highly charismatic performance by the band on this single.

On the surface, this sounds like a happy song to rock to, but upon closer listening, you will discover the honest and reflective lyricism that is characteristic of the band; it is ‘Happy & Honest’ as the song title suggests. Do yourself a favour – grab a good pair of headphones to listen to this track, so you can fully appreciate all of the intricately woven layers in the song. If this single is anything to go by, the future looks very promising for In Dynamics and we cannot wait to see what they get up to.

Words by Athena Kam