Single Review: Hannah Scott – 'Signs Of Life'

Hannah Scott has blessed us with a new release, in the form of a single titled ‘Signs Of Life’ which is ever so beautiful and gentle. The music Hannah creates is elegant and touching, it speaks from a place of love.

Hannah Scott originates from Ipswich, born into a family of music and art, with a strong Italian influence. Her latest single ‘Signs Of Life’ is a creation of many things. It combines an electronic undertone with strong lyrics and keys, which is also supported by an orchestral feel due to the incorporation of strings. Drawing on influence of human relationship and state, this single is honestly raw, pulling on heart strings and tugging the audience into a new world.

The song begins on keys, building the electro feel gradually as lyrics begin to fade. I feel that the track works as a wave, it comes in stages and ripples, there are crescendos which build tension and drama, which suddenly falls to reveal a very calm undertone. Hannah Scott’s music falls into a different category to what I would usually listen to, it is rich and warm, wrapping the listener in a safety blanket.

After returning from a year in Tuscany, she met her creative partner Stefano Della Casa in London, who has helped to shape her as a musical genius. Not only talking of her own personal experiences, she also touches upon his childhood and upbringing. The music created is beautiful as it is a combination of the two, almost a melted arrangement of two worlds formed together as one.

Together they have created their debut album, ‘Pieces Of The Night’ which is to be released later into the year, however expect more of the same beautiful lyrics and melodies. It is going to be an absolute joy to see these two performers continue to bounce ideas and beautiful tones off one another.

It is with excitement that we wait for the album to drop at the end of the year.

Words by Em Marcovecchio