Single Review: Dagny - 'That Feeling When'

Dagny, the 27-year-old artist from Norway, released her first track of 2018. ‘That Feeling When’, released by Republic / Island, is already gaining recognition as a summer anthem in the wake of her first EP ‘Ultraviolet’ which released in 2016. Since then, Dagny has showcased her distinct sound while supporting artists on tour such as LANY and selling out headlines in the UK.

In her own words, Dagny mentions, “The song shows another side of me as an artist, with a more melancholic, epic, and atmospheric sound.” Watching her on stage and hearing her youthful sound emerge, you would not think she was a day over twenty. Her optimism and energy translate through her performance, even as an opening act. This new single, ‘That Feeling When’, shows listeners a side of her that has experienced heartache. The sound is far from sorrowful but it portrays a tone of someone that, despite hurt, longs for that feeling that love brings.

Dagny has taken a feeling that is familiar to anyone that has experienced loss, and transformed it into a stunning aura of what comes next. The lyrics alone take the listener to an in-between state that is felt after losing love. The fear to start again echoes in her lyrics as she sings, “A new love is something painful, two hearts, unstable. I went numb and ran away”. The pre-chorus gives the transition from this fear of opening up your heart to someone new, to letting the walls down when you least expect it. “I think you’re changing everything, ‘cause I’m about to let you in now.

There are many songs written about heartbreak, and many songs written about falling in love. Very few are written about what happens in between these two juxtaposing states of being. Dagny beautifully placed her touch and perspective over this feeling we know all too well. It is clear that she has yet to reach her peak in her music career. She is continuing to move upwards in an exciting way, with over 100 million streams on Spotify. This is an impressive status for someone who has yet to release a full-length album. When she does, it is evident that it will be exceptional.

Words by Peyton Fields