Record Shopping With: 485c

The London boys in 485c have just released their album '485c', so we took them for a spot of record shopping in Soho's Sister Ray Records. Check out what they picked and why - 

Sam Watkins (Bass)
Fripp & Eno - Evening Star

"A serene and bizarre experience that will send you to sleep in the best kind of way. It takes simple instrumentation and loops them into submission. Perfect to float around in a warm haze. I found it when I was devouring all of Eno's early records and Adam was crushing on Fripp obsessively so I had a listen and never looked back. It holds the impressive title of being one of the five albums on my phone."

Rory McGowan (Guitar)
Bernard Herrmann - Vertigo (Motion Picture Soundtrack)

"I bought Bernard Herrmann’s soundtrack to Vertigo because everything about it is brilliant. I’ve just got into watching Hitchcock’s films and Vertigo was the first that I saw. I really loved the cinematography, the plot and the relatively ground-breaking visual effects, but the score was the thing that jumped out the most. The mix of the huge suspenseful crescendos and the quieter, tender, high strings earlier on in the film is just genius. And it’s not just the actual score that’s great — Saul Bass’s artwork on the cover is classic and the red vinyl looks great too. And it’s not far from 485C red so, very apt."

Dom Watson (Guitar)
Nick Drake - Pink Moon

"I'll always regard Pink Moon as one of the most important records for me. I love the cavernous atmosphere that runs through the album; it allows Drake to explore a variety of moods, whilst maintaining a conceit of tranquillity. This translates well with the notion that life is always changing beyond our control, for better or worse, and Pink Moon seems to give a comforting sense of acceptance of this idea."

Lucas Hunt (Drums)
Witch - Lazy Bones!!

"I first stumbled across this gem of an album while browsing through the best drummers to come out of Africa and found ZamRock, a genre coming from Zambia in the late 70s during a time of government authoritarianism. Its crude and coarse sound works in such harmony with the playfulness of the lyrics, while still clearly coming from a place of frustration. Witch (an acronym for We Intend To Cause Havoc) have produced some of the most interesting and unique Garage/Psychedelic Rock I've had the pleasure of listening to and continue to treasure Lazy Bones as though it were an actual gem."

Adam Hume (Vocals)
Julian Cope - Peggy Suicide

"Peggy Suicide is a double album which jumps around the musical landscape. It's bookended by quite slow and melancholic tracks, opening with 'Pristeen' and finishing on the sombre 'Las Vegas Basement'. However, most of the record has groove-orientated rhythms drawing on world music and funk. It has subtle pop tendencies whilst Cope's unique voice helps carry the record and its consistency."

485c's album '485c' is out now, the lads are playing the Finsbury on the 4th May and Tooting Tram & Social on the 12th May, plus will also be making an appearance at Brighton's Great Escape Festival.