Inspired #0003 - Tertia May

Photo Credit - Anya Broido

A name on everyone's lips at the moment when it comes to the UK Jazz scene is Tertia May. Her most recent single 'Monsters In Your Bedroom' plucks all the best part of jazz, soul and RnB, bringing together to create that unique sound she has.

We had a chat with Tertia May to discuss what inspires her -

Who are you top three musical inspirations and why?
My top three musical inspirations would have to be Jill Scott, October London and Chet Baker. Even though they're slightly different music, they are all under the bracket of jazz/soul music. They inspire me because they have the ability to sing about love and pain in such a gripping way that really moves me. This gave me courage to write my own story of the love and pain I have experienced, but make it exciting for others to listen to.

Is there a certain film that inspires you and why?
Recently, I watched The Watchmen again and for some reason I came away so inspired. I think the concept really got me. Super heroes who don’t actually have super powers (except one of them, mr Manhattan) but just want to bring justice to the world and help when they can - saving lives, catching criminals etc. It’s actually quite a cynical, gruesome film but it’s also very emotional and sad at times.

What city do you find the most inspiring and why?
LA. Hands down one of the coolest places. Feels like I stepped onto a movie set. Everyone drives super dope cars and the weather just makes me happy. It inspires me because it’s so different to London, I feel like I could probably write very different stuff out there and I think that’s good, to be able to switch up your writing now and then, depending on your environment etc.

Who is the most inspiring person to you and why?
My mum. Everyone probably says that but honestly, I look at her and feel so inspired and excited for life. She’s been able to work with what she’s got, and live a happy, joyous life, which is really, all I want, but in terms of what I’m doing with my music, she backs it 100% and even that inspires me to do better and make more music.

How would you like to inspire people?
I would like to inspire people to make the music they want to make. Starting off in the industry, I felt people were trying to box me, and ask me to create music that I wasn’t so into, or persuade me to make straight pop music but it ‘sells’. But through my music I want people to hear the passion that’s behind it, and the craft that’s gone into it. Stick to the sound you love and keep making music, and people will start to listen.