Band of the Week #0043 - Wolf Culture

This week's Band of the Week is Bournemouth lads Wolf Culture, who's new EP 'The Devil's Plans For Idle Hands' is out today via Common Ground Records.

We had a chat with them about the EP and future plans for the band - 

What are the ideas and themes behind the EP?
Well the title of the EP, “The Devil’s Plans For Idle Hands” can really be interpreted in a few ways. As for a theme, the idea behind the EP was to create 4 different tracks that each had their own sound. An EP of singles in their own right. So the atmosphere created by each song is slightly different to the last. For example Wreck, which is quite bittersweet and upbeat, leads straight into Killing the High Horse which is punchier with a darker feel. 
I wanted to capture how I felt emotionally in various scenarios throughout my teenage years so that when I play the track I can feel exactly the same way. Sort of a selfish way of songwriting in ways.

How would you describe it to someone who has never listened to you before?
I try to avoid using genre labels ‘cos im so cool but I’d just say its four songs that have all been written to make you feel. The musical influences behind them can be heard but we didn’t want to write an album to become part of a scene. We just wanted to capture what naturally came out when we plugged in and started playing and if people like it then we love those people back.

Where was it recorded? Any behind the scenes stories?
So during the recording process I was in and out of hospital with the worst case of glandular fever ever. So that definitely made recording interesting. There would be some days where I would literally go to the hospital and come back to track guitars.
We recorded in several different places with our close friend Mike White (of Seconds Late). Most of the vocals were actually done in my kitchen ‘cos it was easier to get to the kettle I guess.

What are the plans for the rest of the year?
2018 is set to be a good one. We have the full EP coming out in May as well as a release tour around the UK. Definitely looking forward to getting on the road and meeting people who enjoy the music. We get cabin fever staying at home for too long.

Wolf Culture will also be playing shows alongside the release of the EP.

You can see the band at the following dates:
May 11 - Bournemouth - Blue Line (EP Release Show)
May 12 - Swansea - Sin City
May 13 - Guildford - The Star Inn