Album Review: The Word Alive - 'Violent Noise'

With raw lyrics and an experimental spirit, metalcore band The Word Alive release their thunderous fifth record ‘Violent Noise’.

Violent Noise’ marks another step in the evolution of the band, and sees them celebrating their tenth year together. Kicking off with previously released single ‘Red Clouds’, the electrifying energy is evident immediately and continues throbbing underneath each of the twelve tracks on the album. This is one of the most intimate albums the band has released; it’s confessional, dynamic, and rousing.

After highly charged opening track ‘Red Clouds’, ‘Why Am I Like This’ inches in with a repeating guitar riff before the band joins in, featuring a grungy bass line that will leave every nerve in your body on end. As the track fades out with a haunting electronic backdrop and Telle Smith’s distant vocals, ‘Stare At The Sun’ wastes no time in jumping straight in with low-tuned instrumentals and a funky triplet feel. It does not hesitate to get in your face, and the contrast between Smith’s ruthless high screams with Danny Worsnop’s unrelenting screams will make this track a standout for those after a heavier sound. ‘I Fucked Up’ has one of the most brutal breakdowns in the album, and you can really feel every emotion coursing through you as Smith repeatedly screams ‘Hate me’. A furious driving instrumental force commences ‘War Evermore’, a cathartic track that exposes the inner emotions and turmoil of the band with lyrics like ‘I want you to know I’m fighting too’.

A more melodic side is explored in ‘Human’, a slower track that leaves no less of an impact when the anthemic chorus hits. With the track’s poignant lyrics, it is an emotional outpouring that will be sure to resonate with many. The feature of rapper Sincerely Collins may seem an unlikely collaboration at first, but rap and stirring rock blend together to create a beautifully passionate track. ‘My Enemy’ contrasts with it’s titanic interplay between synth and riffs. The barely constrained energy explodes through at any given moment through a well-crafted mixture of brutal vocals, unforgiving guitars, and inexorable drumming.

Listening to it, it is clear that every word and every note was carefully thought out. All of the tracks on the album stun and thrill in their own way, and there is no doubt you will find a song that you can really connect to.

‘Violent Noise’ comes out on the 4th of May via Fearless Records; it’s time to warm up your necks for some serious headbanging.

Words by Athena Kam