Video: Yizzy - 'BAP'

UK grime artist Yizzy has released a video for his new single 'BAP' this week, taking the genre back to it's roots with the video's dystopian visuals.

Grime is probably at is's most commercially successful time right now, with money being thrown into it left, right and centre, with Gucci knocking at is door. It is now at the point, where anything that is 'urban' is now considered grime, with many artists being mistaken for it, when infant they are not. 18 year old MC Yizzy has crashed into the scene looking to change that, the Lewisham native's style originates from the original sounds of the genre, giving it a new wave of hope.

His forthcoming ‘S.O.S.’ EP, we can imagine will be nothing short of ferocious.

Words by Ant Adams