Video: Kraków Loves Adana - 'The Day The Internet Died'

Kraków Loves Adana share the visuals for 'The Day The Internet Died' taken from their new album ‘Songs After The Blue’ which is out now!

What I've grown to love about Kraków Loves Adana is the way their quirky, offbeat pop tracks are meticulously crafted, yet hold a simplicity in their looped production and repetitiveness; a combination that is both completely charming and holds huge power in reflecting the occasional mundanity of every day life and its many challenges. 

'The Day The Internet Died' opens in a retro, glitchy kind of way, before familiar synth chords comes into play, marking the track instantly recognisable as Kraków Loves Adana even before Çiçek’s distinctive, deep brooding vocal comes into play. The song is both melancholic and ironically cheery which is a theme that runs through a lot of the album; the lyrics as usual thought-provoking as the band explore the idea of a an apathetic world and the effects of the internet in creating isolation and stifling real life human connection.

The track is also accompanied by a self-directed video that follows in the same low-key yet impressionable vein of the song, intimately seeing Çiçek’s express herself alone against a desolate landscape and a stunning blue sky. 'Songs After The Blue' is out now, and features 7 other remarkable tracks alongside 'The Day The Internet Died' which are all incredibly worthy of praise in their own right.

Words of Karla Harris

 'Songs After The Blue' is available to purchase on bandcamp, here.