The Band Explains: SKIES - 'Pills' (Video)

SKIES have released a new single called 'Pills' and it is filled with everything we love about this band. Punchy electronic hooks with hints of pop, emo and rock all thrown into one blender and shaken about. 

Despite their quirky fun sound, the duo are not afraid to tackle some serious topics in their lyrics. The song is about being stuck in a hard place and that it isn't easy to walk away from a difficult relationship.

Along with this new single, the band have put out a new video to go along with the track, which sees them surrounded by thousands and thousands of yellow pills.

We had a chat with them about it -

How was the video for 'Pills' filmed?
The video was shot by Visual Line in Ashford, Kent. 5,000 yellow pills were bought for the shoot - pills were everywhere! Some scenes were shot in the bedroom of the house and others in a bathroom, with pills lined up all around the house.

How does the video compliment the song?
The song is called 'Pills' so it goes without saying that the video had to feature pills in some way! It would have been a travesty otherwise!

Any behind the scenes stories?
Visual Line wanted us to try putting a handful of pills in our mouths for a shot - I (Alie) tried it first and ended up gagging and spat them out right away - I thought that they wouldn't be able to use the shot but they liked it so it went in the final cut of the video! We also spent hours laying out the pills around the house - it took a long time but we were really happy with the shots we got so it was worth all the effort in the end. I think there's still some pills left floating around the house, we tried our best to clear them up but they got everywhere!! Haha!

What is the message of the video trying to convey and tell us about the ideas/ themes/ imagery used?
The song is about trying to get out of a situation, relationship or state of mind that you're stuck in and realising that it isn't always 'that easy' to get out. People can tell you to just leave the relationship, or to just be happy somehow - but sometimes it isn't that simple. The main lyric is 'If it was that easy, I'd take the pills instead of take the pain...'. We wanted the pills in the video to symbolise the temptation and the ability to just leave a situation, almost as if that idea is hounding you and taunting you when you wake up in the morning, or when you just go through normal life, brushing your teeth and getting dressed - but also that it's not always the easy or right way out - and that maybe facing things and fighting the temptation is the only real way forward, even if it's not an easy way forward, there will eventually be the right way out.

What are your plans for the next few months??
'Pills' is the debut single from forthcoming 3rd EP 'X'. We plan to tour the record as we release the next few tracks in the coming months. There will of course be more music videos too which we're really excited for and we'll be playing some festivals. It's really exciting to get the ball rolling on the next EP, we've really enjoyed writing and recording 'X'. Just like our previous records, the songs always mean a lot to us, and the 'X' EP is no exception.