The Artist Explains: RUNAH - 'Angels'

Dublin-based singer-songwriter RUNAH speaks to us about the ideas behind her single and visuals for 'Angels', the third and final track from her debut EP,  ‘We Only Go To Church In Winter’.'

We Only Go To Church In Winter' sees RUNAH artfully combine mysticism with realism to create three sonically illusive, haunting and powerful tracks. Minimal yet intricate in its experimentation, each song on the EP is also linked thematically and explores the suffering of the human condition alongside transcendence and empowerment as RUNAH describes:

"'Angels’ follows ‘Bind Me To You’, a song addressing the detachment from our natural selves, and ‘This Silence’, which discusses mental health from both the sufferer’s and the carer’s points of view. ‘Angels’ reclaims the darkness of the story and illustrates the power of truly stepping into our selves. It is the reclaiming of the wild within; a story of a woman embracing the wild and powerful, rather than taming herself to fit in."

RUNAH Explains:
Where was the video for 'Angels' filmed?

‘Angels’ was filmed in Dublin mostly in Killiney and White Rock beach. I have recently moved to Ireland and to be able to shoot this video in such beautiful surroundings was magical. On the day we shot the sunrise, I have never seen anything like it, the sky was a deep purple, orange and pink, it was like mother nature decided to put on a show for us. We could hardly film we were so mesmerised.

How does the visuals connect with the song thematically (if at all)?
The visuals are absolutely related to the song. Being the third instalment of three songs, ‘Angels’ is the final reclaiming of identity after that identity being involuntarily stripped away from her. During the video the blind fold eventually comes off, she is part of all the elements and she steps into her power, she decides to take up space in her imperfect human form and run with it.

Any behind the scenes stories from the shoot/edit?
Behind the scenes generally we were just trying to stay warm. I have to really thank the incredible beings that were filming, directing and generally helping out, it was seriously cold, we were drinking hot chocolate and whisky at one point after filming just to warm up. Angelica Litsiou (videographer) even got into the Irish sea with me to fulfil mine and Abigail Henry’s (Producer) vision, it was practically winter.

Could you tell us about the ideas/themes/imagery used?
So ‘Angels’ is all about embracing the human experience and exploring what it is to do that. It is painful and often confusing but our power lies in our exploration and understanding of self. So often as women I feel that we are told to be neat and not take up too much space both subliminally and often obviously. This song and video are all about taking up space in our imperfection, about understanding that holding all of yourself and not expecting perfection is all part of your immense power and light in the world. The imagery in the video reflects this, she is nature, that’s the generally premise and what is more powerful than that?

What do you hope people take away from watching the video?

I hope that people watch the video and firstly get a sense of magic, I believe we live in an abundance of magic daily. I am huge fan of reading and I want with all my work to try and bring a sense of that story telling and mysticism but whilst talking about subjects I am passionate about. We purposefully never edit my skin or body in any of our work, I don’t want it to be about prettiness or a standard of beauty, I want people to feel magical because we are. But mostly I hope that there is an understanding that, although this song could be taken as bleak, she is actually saying ‘I am not perfect, I am not a ray of sunshine, but I think and feel and love, I am human therefore I am allowed to embrace the whole experience’, it should be empowering. I hope.

Interview feature by Karla Harris