Single Review: The Word Alive - 'Red Clouds'

US metalcore band The Word Alive unveil new single ‘Red Clouds’ from upcoming album ‘Violent Noise’, which is set to be released on 4th May.

Metalcore trio The Word Alive have released their new single ‘Red Clouds’, a track that pays homage to the band’s roots in the title. ‘Red Clouds’ is a reference to Red Cloud Road between Phoenix and Los Angeles, a frequent passing point for the band in their earliest days.

The track begins with delicate piano notes – floating through the speakers, it creates an ethereal feel as electronic whispers creep in, immediately juxtaposed with a passionate guitar melody as the band kick into their signature metalcore sound. The opening guitar riff is as catchy as it is impassioned, and it is sure to get the listener’s blood pumping for the rest of the track. A questioning chorus backed by powerful vocal harmonies will be sure to be stuck in your head for days, and forceful breakdowns impress with their unstoppable, unrelenting energy.

For any aspiring musician, the lyrics in the track will ring particularly close to home, especially when the line ‘I remember how badly I wanted to be here / Now I’m just scared’ is sung. The rawness and honesty displayed in the lyrics are delivered perfectly with Telle Smith’s incredible vocals – with a mixture of passionate singing and more brutal screaming, it’s got elements to cater to both old and new fans of The Word Alive.

Words by Athena Kam