Single Review: Only the Poets - 'Dead Young'

Retro modern and perhaps a little familiar to some. Only The Poets are a new take on The 1975 some say, even following in the steps of the Kooks or Coasts we might add?

This young quad of lads certainly know how to bring the money to the table. With their new track Dead Young released this March, it tells a story of a young break up, something we have all experienced before. One decisive and another indecisive individual unsure of their relationship.

Starting the track we are entered with a daggering sound then into the soothing melodic sound of the backing vocals of the quad themselves. Hitting them high notes right across the octave they certainly shake some windows. During the chorus we get a taste of the bitter sweet story that hits a spot with those of us listeners that can relate.

Thoughout the song we are wowed with very busy sections filled with vocals instrumentals and all the rest, again remind us of one of the 1975 tracks, 'The City'. Bigger and better things are certainly in the stars for these bad boys and they don't appear to be stopping there.

Show stopper or a no stopper it seems. But we can happily say, this twisted up love story is certainly a favourite of ours and we look forward to what this quad of lads are to bring us next.

Words by Shana Jagger

Only the Poets head out on tour supporting Coasts this month

April 20th - Manchester (Coasts Support)
April 21st - Birmingham (Coasts Support)
April 22nd - Glasgow (Coasts Support)
April 23rd - Newcastle (Coasts Support)
April 24th - Bristol (Coasts Support)
April 25th - Southampton (Coasts Support)
April 26th - London - Kentish Town (Coasts Support)