Single Review: OCNS - 'If I'm A Ghost'

North Carolina six-piece OCNS release their emotional alternative rock, debut single, 'If I'm A Ghost'

OCNS are a six-piece who formed three and a half years ago but have grown up playing together, therefore cementing their sound on a strong foundation of friendship.  Composed of a synths/ keys player, two guitarists, vocalist, bassist and drummer, 'If I'm a Ghost' debuts an extraordinarily full sound, that seeps through the skin into the cracks of the soul.

'If I'm A Ghost' is an evocative song, rich with emotion and opens euphorically, reminiscent of inhaling huge gulps of clean ocean air. There's a firm alternative rock sound at play here, but the band have a great ear for cinematic appeal and staggering dynamics to keep their listener hooked, bringing wonder and beauty alongside pure cathartic release and lyrical poignancy.

This is an epic song to introduce listeners to OCNS ethos, but don't get too comfortable in the sound. We have it on good authority that there will be more releases from the band over the next few months which will reveal a diversity of sound and we can't wait to hear what they have in store for us next.

Words of Karla Harris