Single Review: LANNDS - 'Legends'

Florida-based indie-electronic duo LANNDS makes sparks fly with new single, 'Legends', the title-track taken from their upcoming sophomore EP.

LANNDS is the project of Memphis-born artist Rania Woodard and producer/songwriter Brian Squillace, who are working with an ambient and experimental blend of electronic pop and indie folk influences. What initially stands out for me in 'Legends' is how organic the electronic presence feels.

There's a fluidity and buoyancy to the track that has a wholly elemental ambience to it. There's an intrinsic electricity within the track which is the perfect accompaniment to 'Woodard's airy, blissful vocal and vivid lyricism. The aforementioned electricity and fluidity also comes with a fire that sees the song crawling with life.

It's also worth noting that while 'Legends' is predominately feel-good, there's a dark antithesis there too. LANNDS provide a snapshot of brooding, especially in the track's bass beats. Around the midway mark, the duo explore their own inner storms, while implementing that thematic narrative into the sonic elements too. Therefore the sum of 'Legends'' parts sees it become a gorgeous, slow burning, tropical storm in its entirety.

Words of Karla Harris


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