Single Review: Kyle Falconer - 'Poor Me'

Kyle Falconer, best known as the front man for the well-known band The View, has recently turned the tables releasing his new single and video for ‘Poor Me’, with Riverman Records, on his own.

Poor Me’ is an absolutely incredible track, one which will be swimming around your head for a long time. The beginning of this song begins with a slower pace, with well-articulated vocals that allow the listener to really engage in the song. This very quickly builds to a truly capturing chorus, which has many layered instruments creating a powerful sound. What is so lovely with this song is that you can really hear the lyrics clearly, they are not drowned in reverb, allowing them to stay true to the nature of Kyle Falconer’s music. The instrumental breaks between chorus and verse are really exciting to listen to, the use of violin and strings gives a true orchestral feel.

The chorus of this single plays as, “Poor me, poor me, pour me another drink,” based from Alcoholics Anonymous. Speaking on personal experiences, this song allows the listener to learn about Falconer as a person, rather than as part of a greater band.

Falconer has such a lovely voice, there is a really raw feel to the quality of sound, you can tell from listening that he is so in love with his own music. Falconer is most known for his front role in one of Scotland’s finest bands The View, who are currently on a break from playing live shows until next year. When recording this track it is interesting to hear that Falconer recorded each instrument himself except for that of the drums, played by Scott Duffy.

Every day you get triggers and traumas stuck in your head, and you’re hearing all of these horrible stories,” reflects Falconer. “You want to hear it, but at the same time you’re thinking, ‘I’m here to help myself but I’ve got to listen to everyone else’s story.’ It’s quite hard to hear, and I was thinking that a lot of these people were worse off than me.

To anyone who loved The View as a band or for anyone who is an avid listener of Tom Grennan, have a listen to this new single and try and wait patiently for the album to drop.

Words by Em Marcovecchio