Single Review: King Princess - 'Talia'

King Princess has come at us with a new single release titled ‘Talia’ leaving her to be known as a Queen in many people’s eyes. Being the first singing to Mark Ronson's label, Zelig, he certainly knows how to pick them. 

This new tune ‘Talia’ has a unique and poppy sound, a wonderful tone for any teen who is debating many things. The words are nostalgic of nights out and having fun with friends, it is a wonderful creation of tones. Originating from Brooklyn in New York, she has come from a family of musical talent, which is unsurprising as this girl has created a song which is incredibly catchy.

Talking on previous experiences of love, King Princess describes her latest track; “Everyone has different ways of dealing with heartbreak. This was mine, and I hope it helps somebody else in the same way.

Have a little listen whilst having a Summer BBQ or getting ready for a night out, this girl is one to watch.

Words by Em Marcovecchio