Single Review: Kadhja Bonet - 'Delphine'

Los Angeles born Kadhja Bonet, steals hearts and stuns us with her second single ‘Delphine’ which is from her upcoming album ‘Childqueen’.

Delphine’ is a glorious six minute masterpiece which transports us to the unknown, as if we are in a constant state of dreaming. The song starts very slow, Bonet then numbs our ears with beautiful compelling harmonies with her strong but earthy vocal range.

Whats it mean, Delphine?” Bonet explains that she wrote the song when she wanted to break up with somebody… “but I struggled to do so because I had too much empathy for them. So instead I write it from their perspective. I have been Delphine, and I have sung to Delphine, many times throughout my life.” This brings the song back down to Earth, it becomes very real, relatable, the lyrics sink into you, freeing you from your own reality. Kadjas voice is fascinating, it embraces a nostalgic feeling working effortlessly with deep bass synth sounds that ooze off this track.

Kadhja is all over ‘Childqueen' quite literally, she has produced every detail that has gone into this second album, even the artwork. The multi-talented will debut ‘Childqueen’ on June 8th along with Fat Possum in partnership with Anderson .Paak’s label OBE. This album will definitely be one to watch, Kadhja’s style has been described as ‘cinematic magic music’.

Words by Ellie Stapleton