Single Review: How's Harry - 'Totem'

Dark pop four-piece How's Harry have released the perfect single to ease you into oncoming summer days. With a chilled back vibe, ‘Totem’ is the ideal accompaniment to sipping lemonade under blue skies.

South-East London quartet How's Harry are about to make waves in the indie scene; they have already gained endorsement from the likes of BBC Introducing and Sofar Sounds, and their sound has been described as the lovechild of Foals and The Neighbourhood. With all of this building hype around them, ‘Totem’ is their buzziest release to date, and it certainly lives up to the excitement.

Fuzzy guitars and Ike Foulke’s velvety voice begins the track, and immediately the listener is whisked off to a summer solstice. A bass echoes the earlier guitar riff, effortlessly idling along and creating a playful interaction with the intermittent guitar hooks. There are no shortages of guitar solos either, perfect for those air guitar play along moments. The chorus kicks in with crashing cymbals and dreamy electronics, before it drops out to expose Foulke’s higher range as he voices airily ‘Because nothing ever feels right’.

It’s so easy to just get looped into the track, as the infectious indie vibes course from the speakers to your bones. For this reason, this track will have you hitting your repeat button like there’s no tomorrow. It’s a song that captures the spirit of running around hillsides, catching fireflies and waving sparklers in the sweet glow of dusk. So if you’re yearning for some sunshine, just close your eyes and let the track paint out summer scenes for you.

Words by Athena Kam