Single Review: Hatchie - 'Sleep'

Hatchie has thrown us a curved ball, creating a beautifully dreamy video to accompany her latest Single release ‘Sleep’. This is prior to her Debut EP ‘Sugar and Spice’ to be released on 25th May via Heavenly Recordings.

Harriette Pilbeam is an Australian born musician, whose work is nostalgic of 90s synth-pop, with her name Hatchie originating from a family nickname. Her latest single and video titled ‘Sleep’ is part of a greater five song EP and is just a snippet of the excitement that is in store. The video to this latest single is incredibly dreamy and beautifully created, with multiple different sets and colours creating a visually stimulating piece of art.

Starting with an electro-style on keys, the track kicks off with a punch, with no time to get distracted, it is full pelt from the first beat. This piece feels almost mystical, like a fantasy world that we are being thrown into. ‘Sleep’ is an immersive experience particularly when listened to through headphones, it is the kind of song which you can completely escape during. With the chorus kicking off the entirety of the track, this creates a different listening experience to that of a traditional piece of music.

Hatchie describes the track: “Sleep is about feeling frustrated with someone who can't communicate their feelings,” she explains. “In this song I'm trying to coax someone into talking to me by any means necessary, even if it means visiting me in dreams.

Hatchie has such a powerful voice, it’s metallic nature creates a unique twang which is contagious to listen to. It is unsurprising that this girl is on her way to play so many dates in the UK following a successful time at SXSW. The 90’s fusion pop nature that this girl provides is exciting and a real thrill to listen to, something that there should be far more of in the music world at the moment. Hatchie brings a new wave of diversity through assorted tones and powerful instrumental combination.

You can catch Hatchie at the below dates in the UK. She is definitely one to watch for anyone who loves to move and groove to an almost hallucination of a musical creation. It is definitely worth giving the music video a watch too if you fancy being taken into a new dimension.

Hatchie UK live dates:
5th May - Live at Leeds, LEEDS (DIY Neu Stage 1:30pm)
5th May - Sound City Festival, LIVERPOOL (Heavenly Stage 8:45pm)
6th May - Sounds from the Other City, SALFORD (Heavenly Stage 6:15pm)
7th May - Hare & Hound, BIRMINGHAM (supporting Anna Burch)
8th May - The Hug & Pint, GLASGOW (supporting Anna Burch)
10th May - Shacklewell Arms, LONDON (w/Death of Pop)
16th May - The Social, LONDON (w/Camille Christel)
17th-18th May - The Great Escape, BRIGHTON
19th May - Union Chapel, LONDON (Daylight Music afternoon session. Details here)
20th May - Hoxton Bar & Grill, LONDON
22nd May - Sebright Arms, LONDON (w/Dan Stock)

Words by Em Marcovecchio