Single Review: Francis Novotny - 'The Wire'

Francis Novotny is a musician originally from Gothenburg, Sweden who has just released his latest single, ‘The Wire’.

This latest single is incredibly catchy however has a very calming feel to the track; it’s electronic nature gives another element of tone. Francis Novotny’s voice itself is absolutely beautiful, combined with such intricate beats and mixes creates a diverse track which is so unique and compelling to listen to.

Although originating from Sweden, Novotny moved to Paris after he left school which is where he discovered his musical sound. His music has been described as "Intriguing, daringly colourful...a class of its own" which is a beautiful account of this new sound.

For anyone who listens to a little bit of anything, or for those who love electro-pop than give this rising star an ear.

Words by Em Marcovecchio


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