Single Review: Brass Phantoms - 'Disciples'

Dublin indie rock four-piece Brass Phantoms embrace a bigger sound on new single, 'Disciples'.

Do you remember 2009 when everyone thought that White Lies were going to be the next The Killers? Do you not think that's just an insult now? Yes, White Lies missed out on becoming stadium conquering, multi million, era defining rockstars like their close contemporaries but when the Killers channelled glamour, White Lies' muse was desperation, sadness, they found an epic in the emotion whereas The Killers became emptier and emptier. Its telling that newer bands now are focusing on that kind of emotion rather than cold-hearted "bangers", it could hopefully mean that in the long term the underappreciated could become the most influential. I'm only taking you through this because this new cut from Brass Phantoms literally could have come off White Lies', "To Lose my Life".

This is by no means a bad song though, it's a fucking good one. Thumping tribal drum beats, kinda similar to how the sound of the more upbeat The National songs. A singer with the richest and untempered of baritones over impossibly huge guitars. More energy and passion that you tend to find in your common and garden indie bands. Beautiful imagery in the lyrics over a soundscape that could have come from heaven. It's nostalgia however is what brings it down- I'm all for absorbing your influences, it would just help if the influences were a little wider reaching.

This is a White Lies song in all but name and lyrics. It's a very good White Lies song and if the boys themselves were to release this, it would almost likely revitalise their stagnating career and would be talked about for much longer than their last album was. If Brass Phantoms can find a little bit more of themselves in their influences, they're onto something good. But whilst this song is a great effort, it's more recreation than creation.

Words and Thoughts of James Kitchen