Single Review: Billie Eilish & Khalid - 'lovely'

Billie Eilish, only sixteen years of age, has released a song entitled “lovely” featuring rising artist Khalid, known for his teenage anthems such as “Young, Dumb and Broke” and “8TEEN”. 

Produced by her brother Finneas, Billie’s song was released via Polydor Records on April 19th, giving fans of Billie and Khalid a stunning collaboration of both unmatchable talent and soul-bearing sound. The song was released without warning, but Billie did tweet her fans, "lovely with @thegreatkhalid" as soon as it dropped.

This track opens with a piano and violin syncretism, leading to a harmony of the two stylistically different artists. Though their styles may seem to clash, the way they were both able to bring their talent into an intimately creative work of art was unexpected in the best way possible. After listening to this track, it is hard to imagine a more harmonious duo. It makes me reminiscent of cloudy days spent at home with a novel. If that feeling could be captured musically, this song would be the soundtrack for it.

Not only is this single appealing to the ear, the lyrics brought us to a place in Billie’s head that hasn’t been heard before. A place that is intimate and relatable. The chorus reads, “Isn’t it lovely, all alone, heart made of glass, my mind of stone.” The lyrics are almost haunting, matching the eerily peaceful melody. It brings the listener to a place where fears are faced, fought, and defeated, all within the three minutes it takes to listen. Though both artists bring forth a style that juxtaposes their norm, they sound so effortless while doing so. Both Billie and Khalid prove once again that talent is not limited to age. Their impact is global, yet this song translates the feeling that these young artists are just like us—they feel the same things we feel. It is refreshing to have that kind of raw talent showcased on a wide scale.

The decision for Billie Eilish and Khalid to collaborate was groundbreaking, revealing to listeners the broad talent both artists possess as writers and vocalists. Fans are calling it “angelic” and “incredible.” One word comes to mind after hearing this track. That word is, undeniably, “lovely.”

Words by Peyton Fields