Single Review: ARY - 'Bright Side'

Portuguese alternative outfit ARY share their absolute monster of a track ‘Bright Side’ from their long-awaited debut album ‘Drowning Inside’.

‘Bright Side’ immediately draws listeners in with a haunting guitar piece and booming bass line with a simple but effective drum beat, laying the perfect soundtrack to display the impressive vocal by Erica Martyn. Martyn’s vocals are reminiscent of early Paramore, driven by raw emotion as she drives home a real heart felt message.

‘Bright Side’ is as captivating to listen to as it is to just be able to lose yourself and chill out with its soothing tones. ARY’s composition, whilst not completely original, you can tell has been well thought out and perfected until the band had a solid product which any band would be proud of and excited to show the world. ARY’s music isn’t a far shout from giants Bring Me The Horizon.

Every now and again a band like ARY comes along and surprises you. I have listened to this track repeatedly and after each listen I am loving it more and more. ARY have loads of potential and I feel that their sound really suits the bigger stages. All we can hope for now is that they plan to go on tour very soon!

Single review by Pete Herbert