Listen: Sam Johnson - 'Way Back Home' / 'A Perfect Circle'

Shropshire born singer/songwriter Sam Johnson  has released 'Way Back Home' the gorgeous follow up to his heartfelt debut single, 'Perfect Circle'. 

What is instantly noticeable about Sam Johnson is that his songs are so lovingly crafted they come at their listener in pure rushes of emotion. The gravity of each poignant word and affecting sonic element are deliberate in their intention to impact extremely hard and it's a welcome collision.

Where 'A Perfect Circle' draws on intimacy, tenderness and nostalgia to show off Sam's gorgeous, soulful folk vocal and emotive storytelling; 'Way Back Home' further pursues Sam's soaring electronic experimentation, built on a foundation of folk influences, as he looks outward to reflect on the gloomy current state of global politics.  I could listen to this guy all day.

Words of Karla Harris

'Way Back Home’ is out now through Republic of Music