On Tour With: Winston Surfshirt

Sydney boys Winston Surfshirt are heading over to the UK this May, bringing their blend of hip-hop, jazz and indie to Europe. Their debut track ‘Be About You’ has gone on to reach ten million global streams, along with a lot of buzz from Zane Lowe.

You can check out the video here:

We had a chat with them about tour life -

Are you excited about the tour? What is the best bits you look forward to when hitting the road?
Cannot wait! Last time I was back I was playing solo in little places around London like Bedroom Bar. Mainly to family and friends so its exciting to see people are buying tickets so quickly!! Were heading round a few cities in Europe so its going to be fun to head back to those places as a human adult and properly experience it. Some of the boys haven’t been to Europe so I'm excited to enjoy it with them. Most exciting thing about touring is the shows, just so much fun playing tunes to a new crew!

What the main tour essentials you pack and why?
1. Puffa. 2. Instruments. 3. Sambucca. Oxygen is more important than instruments. Sambucca can be bought. Usually I wont pack enough T-shirts but ill bring about 4 or 5 heavy jackets and jumpers and up wearing one and lugging around a suitcase that’s heavier than it needs to be.

What is your best tour experience?
Hmm…. best. So far. I don’t really have a best from memory. Especially considering the already vague memory sort of seems like it was one day. Really fun seeing places I haven’t been too. We’ve only really done Australia & NZ so far and its sweet to bee able to see it through doing what you love.

What is your worst tour experience?
A tendon snapped in my finger once without touching anything. Went to hit my pedal with my hand and my index finger just snapped and couldn’t pull it back. Was really strange.

Who has the most disgusting habits on the tour bus? And what is it?
No one really has any disgusting habits. Everyone in the world does something annoying or strange surely. But no we’re all really good friends so its super easy getting on. Just good fun!

What can we expect from this tour? Is there anything new in the set list?
Expect the worst. Then it wont be so bad. No yeah course well be sneaking in some cheeky covers we got up our sleeves and we may be doing a couple new version’s of songs from ‘Sponge Cake’ that are coming out on a remix album called ‘Sponge Cake Rebaked’ so she’s gonna be fun!

If you could tour with anyone, who would it be and why?
Dead or Alive?… That is the question… but also the answer.

Catch the band at the following EU dates -