Mixtape: Dermot Kennedy - Mike Dean Presents: Dermot Kennedy

Rapidly-rising Irish artist Dermot Kennedy  releases his exceptional 5-track mixtape with legendary producer, Mike Dean.

At the heart of Dermot Kennedy's sound lies a deeply passionate singer-songwriter crafting brooding songs with beautiful imagery born from indie folk sensibilities. 'Young & Free' is a great track to open the mixtape with; instantly showcasing the evocation and atmosphere that lies within the acoustic bones of  Kennedy's songs and his hugely impressive vocal. On top of the indie folk foundation is an electronic hip hop presence that adds an exciting and eerie edge to Kennedy's style, feeling fresh and contemporary as well as channeling an earthy feel.

'Couldn't Tell' continues the EPs evocative, and sometimes eerie, nostalgic theme.  Kennedy's soulful vocal is melodic and washes over its listener likes the sea hitting the shore. There's a thick yet mellow feel to the production that juxtaposes the sheer passion and intensity to Kennedy's fiery vocal at its boldest, which moulds itself into something more vulnerable around the midway mark. Therefore, making this one of the most multifaceted songs on the mixtape in terms of both production and showing off Kennedy's vocal range.

'An Evening I Will Not Forget/ Furthest Thing' marks the middle of the mixtape just beautifully with its slow burning piano ballad qualities. There's a lot of room for Kennedy's emotive and intelligent storytelling to fully impact and this spills over into the powerful, 'Swim Good'.


'Mike Dean Presents: Dermot Kennedy' finishes with 'Moments Passed - (Mike Dean Remix)' a layered, vibrant and experimental cut that again pairs Kennedy's raw angst with a warmth and calmness that leaves its listener feeling huge rushes of multiple emotions.  Overall, a remarkable and stunningly crafted mixtape that really stays with you after each listen.  Dermot Kennedy and his authenticity are in a league of their own. 

Words of Karla Harris