Live Review: Keir - The Cellar, Oxford 20/04/2018

Keir throws down the gauntlet when it comes to the underground rock scene.

The Bristol based singer who's vocals can easily be compared to the legends like Aretha Franklin and Nina Simmone and with a stage presence as electric as Prince it's hard not be stunned when witnessing Keir in concert. It's reassuring to know that even in the early stages of his musical career, Keir already understands the finer details and importance of aesthetics when performing. The simple addition of a red drape adorning the back of the stage adds a sense of branding as it ties in with his social media presence. Red is also the colour of passion and there is a lot of passion in that room tonight.

With the backing of a quality band, Keir grooves and thrusts about the stage, the moments of calm are purposeful and intense. Grinding guitars, dramatic but composed drums and backing vocals that blend like a sweet Tequila Sunrise. Keir seduces the stage for almost an hour with a passionate, energetic and at times heart wrenching performance. Every song played tonight is worthy of a mention but I could never find the words to do them justice. The set list includes the singles “I Don't Need Anybody Else” and “Probably” as well as an airing of the next single “Sad Boy”, a song about a 'weird' girl he once knew. I'll be eagerly awaiting the release of this track!

If you have ever been to one of Keir's concerts you may have come across his beautiful mum, they have one of the strongest bonds I have come across and so it is no wonder that the next new song on the list is a song dedicated to the most important woman in his life. The track is called “Mother”. It was such a beautiful moment. However the best was yet to come, after a lively rendition of “Shiver” to get people's blood flowing again, Keir manages to reduce the room to an emotional mess with the heart breaking ballad “Say Love”. Keir openly admits that this song makes him emotional when he performs it live.

After everyone gains their composure and Keir wipes away a tear, the night is back on much livelier territory with the latest single “Night & Day” before finishing of with the passionate and lil' bit sexy “Squeeze Me”. Throughout the night the crowd were captivated and there were often audible “Wow”'s heard. Despite such talent Keir is so humble and modest, a cheeky grin appears after each song, perhaps more out of relief that people are loving his music than anything else.

I dare you to attend one of his shows and not fall in love. Keir is a true diamond of the live music scene and I am already counting down the days till I catch him again on the festival circuit later this year.

Words and Photography by Rachel Prew

*Article updated 02/05/2018 to include 'Sad Boy' Youtube audio*

Keir - The Cellar, Oxford - 20/04/18