Live Review: Ducking Punches - The Key Club, Leeds 10/04/2018

Having entered The Key Club slightly after 7pm, I expected to be met with the hubbub of the often rowdy regulars, however this time it was not the case. Instead I was stood alone with only two members from one of the support bands at the other side of the room.

By the time Andrew Cream took to the stage the room had began to fill up with people showing their support for the local artist. Andrew kicked off the night with his own take on acoustic rock which is clearly influenced by late 90s punk rock it was a nice change from the usual solo act. Without the background noise of electric guitars Andrew had to use his sense of humour to engage the crowd, joking around about how he’s been calling a song “new” for over a year and that one of the songs he usually wasn’t confident going into. Ending the set to the roar of the crowd was pleasant to see the opening act receive.

Andrew Cream - The Key Club - 10/4/18

Following on from that, we had the amazing Havelocke share their musical treats with us. Having heard whispers about this band for some time, I was excited to finally check them out and they definitely did not disappoint. Their unique sound has influences from a variety of artists and genres which they have melded into a distinct style of their own. The variety they demonstrated kept the crowd on their toes; particularly the elements of pop punk blended with post-hardcore, it's difficult to fit this band into a typical genre, but without doubt, the whole performance was certainly in-your-face and up tempo, which suitably matched and further energised the lively crowd.

Havelocke - The Key Club - 10/4/18

Continuing with the high energy performances, the Leeds based Dead Extras were next to take the stage. With their commanding presence and sheer intensity they definitely made an impression which will have definitely gained them more fans. Every member of the band put in a solid effort, not just from a musical perspective but in terms of matching the vibe of the crowd - even the bassist threw himself about to their swing whilst maintaining a smooth bassline that perfectly fit with their intricate riffs and varied vocals. Although the band have only been together for four months, it felt as though they had been together for four years. Good show.

Dead Extras - The Key Club - 10/4/18

Finally we have the incredible Ducking Punches, entering the stage to the cheering of their hardcore fans positioned at the front. Kicking it straight off with an energetic little number, Ducking Punches were not about to give this crowd a minutes rest. The emotional lyrics portrayed throughout the whole set is a core element as to why this band is appreciated by so many, hard hitting lyrics and huge riffs what more could you want? Even though the room wasn’t as full as we hoped it would be, the crowd still sang their hearts out.

Ducking Punches - The Key Club - 10/4/18

Words and Photography by Nathan Robinson