Live Review: Casey, Endless Heights & Rarity - Boston Music Rooms, London 13/04/2018

Last month saw the release of the long anticipated debut album from post-hardcore band Casey, titled ‘Where I Go When I Am Sleeping’. The album is heartfelt and filled with emotion centred on dealing with depression and mental health as a whole, with the opening song confronting what it’s like deal with depression as a male, which is something that isn’t spoken about nearly enough; in the music scene or out of it. With such a heartfelt album, it’s no surprise the album received an amazing response. This month, it’s time for Casey to bring this album to stages across the UK. Playing alongside them comes Endless Heights and Rarity, both dealing with similar themes of mental illness. We caught them on their London date at the intimate Boston Music Rooms; a venue with no barrier and full access to the stage, which of course made for an eventful night.

Hitting the stage first was Rarity. Coming all the way from Canada, the band live up to the stereotype of Canadian’s being extremely nice people. The were so sweet to watch on stage, constantly smiling and laughing, interacting with the crowd, and even hugging them and each other throughout the set. It was heartwarming to see such a genuinely nice band open up and engage with the crowd like that. Even without this, they had such a huge crowd built up for them already, all excited to see them. Playing many of their classic songs, a favourite amongst the entire crowd seemed to be ‘Exhale’, a slightly more acoustic song which featured only the singer playing, as the other band members sat down whilst the beauty of the song unravelled. The whole room sung along and it felt as though the whole room connected with each other. Alongside this, they played popular songs such as ‘Hollow’ and ‘Stranger’, finishing with ‘Orchid’ which kept things upbeat. At the end of the set, bassist Cole Gardner got the crowd to open up and got right into the audience playing in the crowd and making everyone move about, which just adds to their interaction with the crowd which made for a really unique and memorable set. If you ever wanted to know how to open a set as the first support act on stage, this is how you do it. No one can forget you after a performance like this.

Rarity - Boston Music Rooms - 13/04/2018

Next to tear up the stage is Aussie’s Endless Heights. Opening with ‘Taste It’ this set the mood, giving a moody vibe before really going crazy on stage and playing songs such as ‘Shiver Down’, ‘Drain’ and ‘Pray I Fade’. If you’ve only heard the band on record, you’re missing out seeing them on stage. They have such a huge presence and give the songs even more energy on stage. They’re really a band not to miss. Having said previously in an interview that music is an antidepressant, they reconfirmed this on stage, saying to the crowd that whatever creative things they’re all doing, they all help. Even being at that show together, is a form of antidepressant as it’s a moment in time where we can all escape from every day life. It’s the little speeches each band gave like this in between songs that really spoke to the crowd on a deeper level and is something so amazing for mental health. It’s such a pleasure to see a group of bands all speaking about mental health openly, showing people they shouldn’t be afraid to talk about it, and should seek help where needed. Endless Heights just added to the kindness up on stage, displaying more warmth to the crowd and a gratefulness for the turnout, and for being there.

Endless Heights - Boston Music Rooms - 13/04/2018

Casey then came out to a pitch black stage, with nothing but a small desk lamp to light the stage, creating a different atmosphere. Instrumentals played as the band stood with their backs to the crowd, before turning round and opening with ‘Making Weight’. The band played a mix of new and old songs, playing the entirety of their first E.P ‘Fade’, alongside ‘Little Bird’ and ‘Darling’ from their first album, and current favourites such as ‘Phosphenes’, ‘Fluroscents’, and ‘Where I Go When I Am Sleeping’. However, despite playing new songs, the set seemed to be predominately older songs, having not played newer favourites such as ‘Needlework’ and ‘Flowers By The Bed’, although perhaps this is due to them being slower, less heavy tracks.

Throughout the set, people were jumping up on stage, singing alongside the band, grabbing the mic, all just before stage diving and being carried along the room by the crowd. Everyone there had so much passion for the music and for the lyrics being sung, and so much emotion came from the band and the audience. Having only played to a room of around 60 people on their last headline show in London, this sold out show really contrasted with this and you could see nothing but sheer happiness on lead singer Tom’s face when everyone sang every single song word for word right back at him. Here’s to more sold out shows for the band, and what we can only see as a large amount of success coming their way this year.

Casey - Boston Music Rooms - 13/04/2018

Words and Photography by Hayley Fearnley