Live Review: Bishop Briggs - Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver 27/04/2018

We caught Bishop Briggs live at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver on the sold out opening date of her Church of Scars tour, with support from local band Youngblood.

Added to the bill only a couple days before, Vancouver locals Youngblood started the night out with their dramatic, dream pop perfection. I may be a little biased in my opinion of them because I’ve been following their progression for the past six months and have worked with them, but they are one of the best acts coming out of Vancouver right now. Starting off with a true bop, ‘Broken English’, vocalist Alexis Young took no time in giving all of her energy into the performance, dancing around on stage with her custom-made faux-fur coat flying around her for the entire set. During ‘Feel Alright’ she got down into the pit with us in order to make sure the fans at the barricade do indeed feel alright, and I would say that the answer was a resounding yes… Youngblood just released the music video for their newest single ‘Better When You’re Close’ and I definitely recommend checking it out, along with the rest of their music because it’s amazing!

Youngblood - Commodore Ballroom - 27/04/2018

Following the incredible set up by Youngblood, and with the audience at full hype and capacity, Bishop Briggs finally took to the stage at 10:15pm to a wall of screams. Starting right off with ‘White Flag’ and ‘Wild Horses’, Briggs was a ball of energy, bouncing from one side of the stage to the other and back. With any break in the lyrics she would get the biggest smile on her face and start giggling, which she later explained was in sheer awe at the venue being sold out. She mentioned walking around the venue with her sister earlier and saying there was no way it had sold out for her opening night, but alas, there were 1000 excited fans in front of her. It was so refreshing to see someone so genuinely happy and thrilled to be on stage. She is genuinely one of the cutest humans.

Playing every song off of her debut album Church of Scars, Briggs’ energy did not waver, and nor did the crowd’s, with the fast paced lighting illuminating her silhouette of braided space buns feeding into the emotion. She is a true performer, able to let her emotions spill out of her and over the audience singing along with every word. If you’re not already listening to Bishop Briggs you need to start, and you also need to see her live, because it will make every emotion she puts into her lyrics and music all that more real.

Bishop Briggs - Commodore Ballroom - 27/04/2018

Words and Photography by Kelli Anne Lane