Live Review: Avalanche Party - The Lending Room, Leeds 14/04/2018

The outstanding Avalanche Party headlined the Lending Room in Leeds this month as part of their UK tour, and they took no prisoners!

This band has been talked up a lot to me and we were kind of sceptical going into the gig as we thought they could never meet our  expectations. Well, we were most definitely wrong, kicking off the set with their track “I’m so wet” and front man Jordan entering the stage with his trademark shirtless look and a glass of water in hand. The start of the set was just as electric as was described to us, with Jordan crowdsurfing while pouring water over his head and shouting “I’m so wet” for two and a half minutes.

With the band in the background building the atmosphere with synth and pedal driven guitars. This was definitely sign of things to come as the energy given off by the band never let up. The whole performance was filled with huge riffs and anthemic synth echoing around the room. Jordan wasn’t done with the one crowd surf, he continued to jump into the crowd and sing into people’s faces and at one point jumped onto the bar.

Words and Photography by Nathan Robinson