Listen: Chris Wise & The Hidden Revolution – 'Got To Get Away'

Indie rock band Chris Wise & The Hidden Revolution released their quality new single 'Got To Get Away' which has all the feels of a weekend anthem for years to come. 

Chris Wise & The Hidden Revolution's music has so much energy & enthusiasm which is so fantastic to hear and if there was ever a song to show this off it would be 'Got To Get Away'. A brilliant song which will instantly get stuck in your head & make you keep hitting the replay button on Spotify. For me the strong points from 'Got To Get Away' are the fast toe tapping tempo & the lyrics which help you escape from reality. The perfect track to show off the band's energetic sound.

TJ Events called Chris Wise & The Hidden Revolution 'Manchester's finest emerging talents' which is a big statement but one in which I can totally agree with. Songs like 'Got To Get Away' are exactly what the Manchester music scene is all about, creating cool music which helps people escape from reality. Overall 'Got To Get Away' is a sparkling song with great harmonies, relatable lyrics & a real rock edge. Any fan of Albert Hammond Jr's work will absolutely love this band.

Words of Shaun Mulhern