Inspired: Sonia Stein

London based pop songstress Sonia Stein, has revealed a new stylish video for her latest single ‘Muse'. We had a chat with her about all the things that inspire her.

Who are you top three musical inspirations and why
Regina Spektor because the amount of creativity she comes up with using just a piano and her voice (which is the way I write) is so boundless and every time I listen to her music I want to run home and write something myself. Leonard Cohen because of his beautifully profound yet simple lyrics. That is something I always aim for when I write, to have the kinds of phrases that sound so obvious that you wonder how you haven't come up with them yourself. Caroline Polachek becuase of her vocal abilities and the way she plays with her voice. It makes me want to experiment with different ways of using mine.

Is there a certain film that inspires you?
One of my favourite movies is "Beginners" (directed by Mike Mills, with Christopher Plummer, Melanie Laurent and Ewan McGregor.) I think it's the perfect combination of romantic, funny, sweet and poignant and I always feel moved and inspired after watching it.

What city do you find the most inspiring?
London !

Who is the most inspiring person to you?
eek, that's a hard one.. Beyonce?

How would you like to inspire people?
I'd like to inspire some sort of introspection, for people to be honest with themselves about the way they go through life

‘Muse’ is Sonia’s latest collaboration with producer Liam Howe (Adele, Lana Del Rey, FKA Twigs, Jessie Ware) and is our now.