EP Review: itoldyouiwouldeatyou - 'Get Terrified EP'

This is the second time I've reviewed a release that itoldyouiwouldeatyou put their name to. And to progress in a career of music journalism, it apparently pays to be non-biased and as constructively-critical as possible. So time to put away my undying love for every member of the band and their phenomenal producer and come at this from as neutral an angle as I possibly can. This EP is possibly the finest collection of math-inspired emo of the last couple of years. These singles are quite frankly beautifully played, wonderfully emoted and spectacularly written.

Tracked by the terrific Bob Cooper, the progression from the also fantastic I Am Not Your Fault EP is astounding. Predominantly TTNG inspired emo has moved on to an eclectic addition of wall of noise indie rock and post hardcore and hearing Ollie scream like his heart is being forcibly ejected from his mouth is a huge welcome from what was mostly softly but beautifully sung vocals. The title track is ITYIWEY as you know them before the chorus kicks in and then it changes. Heavier guitars, a hauntingly sung falsetto melody and all-encompassing brass ensemble (always beautiful when they try that) proves that they are more than just an emo band. Mourn is a slower take, slow burning but no less hard hitting. Lyrics that could have been painfully sucked from Ollie's soul are screamed at you by the end over guitars played by a million angels. Divine Violence is a beautiful plea of community for the non-binary/LGBT crowd and a song that anyone who identifies as such should play on repeat NOW. Also "Blairites are centrist cowards" is a wonderful singalong to get yourself into. It ends with a stunning remix of fan favourite Off Brand, which of course is different to the rest of the EP with female vocals, electronic beats and an altogether more hushed tone- but it shows a beautiful eclecticism of the group who are willing to push themselves out of their own sonic comfort zone. A brief but phenomenal listen, more please guys.

Words by James Kitchen

Get Terrified EP Released 20th April 2018 via Alcopop! Records x Failure By Design