Artist of the Week #0042 - Siv Jakobsen

This week's Artist of the Week is Siv Jakobsen, and today she has released her new live album 'Live In Oslo', which was recorded in front of a sold out home-town crowd. It brings together a selection of songs from her debut EP and her debut album, which is nominated for International Record of the Year at the Unsigned Music Awards. The new live album brings an intense sense of intimacy to her sound, dragging you in further into her world as an artist.

We had a chat with her about the album and why she decided to record it live.

What made you decide to put out a live album? And why Oslo?
I’ve always loved listening to live records - it’s a great way to hear what an artist really sounds like, with all the beautiful imperfections that comes with a live record. I wanted to put something like that out myself - and it felt perfect to do so with a hometown performance, which Live In Oslo was.

Do you feel a live album provides a more intimate experience for the listener?
Yes! Or at least a different type of intimate experience. You can’t really hide anything in a live performance - it is what it is, and I love that. It’s so nervy and honest and beautiful. Some of my favorite records are live albums because of that.

Do you have a favourite live album?
Live in Scandinavia by Ane Brun

If you could record a live album with anyone, who would it be and why ?
Hmm. At the moment I’m listening to a lot of Gregory Alan Isakov, and I’m feeling inspired by the way his music moves - so he’d be a good one to chose for this. I love his live arrangements - his live record with the Colorado Symphony is brilliant. I’d love to pick his brain about songwriting and arranging too.

What are your plans for the next few months?
Writing a new album, resting and playing a few select shows and festivals - im doing a lot of prep for a very special one off show at St Pancras Old Church in London on June 4th, with a string quartet and pianist. That’s gonna be very special I think, and likely my last headlight gig in the UK for a while.

Interview feature by Ant Adams

Siv Jakobsen's album 'Live In Oslo' is out today .