Artist of the Week #0041 - Bishop Briggs

This week's Artist of the Week is Bishop Briggs, who's new album 'Church Of Scars' is out today. She performed her defiant new single “White Flag” on The Late Late Show with James Corden last night to celebrate

Bishop Braggs was born in London from a Scottish family, but grew up in Japan and Hong Kong. After graduating from high school, she moved to Los Angeles where she would pretty much play any venue that would have her. She was discovered in a small venue by a former-A&R rep, and now look at her! Ready to take the world by storm.

Her genre and style of music is similar to her upbringing, it sits in many pools of creativity, blending folk, pop and electronic music into a wholly unique sound. It is very edgy but also has that pop twist, reminding us of an early Pink. That raw emotional energy that she gives off in her singing is like she is dragging every part of herself out of her body via her vocal chords.

Having amassed over 400 million global streams, this girl is clearly going to be the next big thing!

Her album 'Church of Scars' is out now via EMI .