Video: Night Flowers - 'Hey Love'

Night Flowers are moving on from EPs to create their debut album, ‘Wild Notions’, and have dropped their new single, ‘Hey Love’, ahead of the album’s release. The track brings together indie vibes with a touching story of friendship and hardship, encapsulated in the music video for the single.

Created by photographer, Josh Moore, the music video follows two girls around Hull. They are real-life best friends and the video remains lighthearted and uncynical throughout. It complements the track’s soft vocals and easy-listening rhythm perfectly as it features soft tones and simply follows the girls as they are “just doing what they do naturally”.

The single is also released on fifty white cassettes; two of which will feature a golden ticket for the finders to receive a signed copy of the album test press. London's Lexington will host the album release show on the 27th of April and we are looking forward to hearing what this alternative and exciting band will bring in the form of their full-length release.

Words by Max Herridge