Video: Naked Giants - SLUFF'

Seattle-based, Naked Giants, have released the music video for their single, ‘SLUFF’. Exaggerated expressions, interpretative dance moves and artworks from Seattle artists creates a video that is fun and energetic to watch.

The song behind the video is an ode to their hometown, which is considered the epicentre of grunge. The band describes the track as a “tribute to the city which raised us” as people “have defined SLUFF as the black gunk that builds up on Dr Martens boots in the winter, the act of shrugging something off as if you don’t really care about it, or even an acronym for our newest Seattle neighbours, South Lake Union Fuck Faces”.

The visuals of the video capture the catchy new pop tune’s vibes and it features Seattle artists showcasing what the world SLUFF means to them through their own original art. It is exciting and refreshing to see the different art forms that the people of Seattle are creating.

Naked Giants’ debut album, entitled SLUFF, will be released on the 14th of April.

Words by Max Herridge