Video: Emma McGrath - 'Butterfly' (Live at Urchin Studios)

Emma McGrath follows the release of her remarkable debut single ‘Love You Better,’ with catchy new track' 'Butterfly' taken from her upcoming ‘Silent Minds’ EP.

One of the best qualities about Emma McGrath is that she has huge popular appeal without sacrificing any of her individuality. There's an intrinsic likeability about her that radiates out of every catchy melody she brings to the table.

The live version of 'Butterfly' lands softer on the ear than its bold and incredibly polished studio version, showing off the song in a mellower, less layered form. The verses emit a warmth and breeziness in its guitar work and vocal delivery that reminds me of what Natty brought to the table with his song, 'Bedroom Eyes', although lyrically more substantial.

As the track develops, it's really nice to see McGrath juggle a smooth, soulfulness alongside a deeper, indie fieriness, showing restraint yet hinting that if she wanted to fully unleash into rockier waters, she very much could.

'Butterfly' is the second song to be revealed from McGrath's upcoming debut EP, 'Silent Minds', which saw her team up with producers including Grammy Award winning Jimmy Hogarth, Brit School alumni Jackson and Rhiannon Mair. With 'Love You Better' and 'Butterfly' to go on, Emma McGrath's music career carries the scent of so much promise.

Words of Karla Harris

The new single ‘Butterfly’ is available for streaming and digital download HERE . The ‘Silent Minds’ EP is released on 13 April 2018.