The Band Explains: Tygersounds - 'Sick of Sitting Around' (Video)

New York synthwave three-piece Tygersounds took the time to chat to us about their cinematic, Spielberg/ Stranger Things-inspired music video for new single, 'Sick of Sitting Around'.

'Sick of Sitting Around' pairs slick beats and brooding vocals with nostalgic guitar riffs and retro gaming synth. Despite its rich, 80s influences, 'Sick of Sitting Around' feels incredibly fresh and current. Its smooth, warm melancholia rushes over its listener in waves of purification, encouraging healing and transformation. Filling up the emptiness,  replacing sorrow with hope.

Tygersounds Explains:
Where was the video for Sick of Sitting Around filmed?
We filmed in the woods in New Jersey near our camera guy/co-director Luke’s house. He has a ton of property and we needed lots of it, as we’d bought about 50 smoke grenades that we were going to set off and didn’t really know what was going to happen! We used different parts of the property and Luke would cart us around in the back of his tractor. The other setting was a friend of a friend’s house, we thought it set the vibe right and it reminded me of my childhood home.

How does the video connect with the song?
The song and video were inspired by feeling a sense of lost youth, the end of an era when things were a bit more innocent. Although I’m sure every generation says that, there seems to be a collective sadness that we’re all experiencing right now, so I wanted to write about that. Our director was inspired by the new Spielberg documentary, so we wanted to put together a video that captured nostalgic vibes and incorporated Spielberg’s style. We also took influence from Stranger Things and wanted to have a kids rule kind of theme.

Any behind the scenes stories?
-The main character, played by Travis Lagomarsini, is actually our neighbor from down the street who I met while giving a ride to school one day. His brother, Adam, played the bully, which is crazy because they look so different!

-We had to buy a lot of smoke bombs to make this work, and the colored smoke was getting all over everything. I would pull the pin and smoke would come billowing out, and I’d hold my breath to not breath it in. We’d be coughing for a while after that and it got everywhere. At one point a spark flew out and hit Adam in the head, and another time it caught some leaves on fire. But we made it out alive and didn’t totally burn the forest down.

Could you tell us about the ideas/themes/imagery used?
During the past year, I think we’ve all felt the loss of a more innocent time. We’ve had to come to terms this new cultural and political climate, and make amends with letting go of the past, just like the main character tracks down and makes amends with his inner child. By letting that part of himself go, defeating his nemesis and accepting his new situation and the burden of growing up, he’s able to move on and regain confidence and inspiration, working towards his passion even in the face of suffering.

 What is the message the video is trying to convey?
The video’s message is that we are unified not just in our suffering but in our hope, our desire to make the world better. Whatever unique way each of us can contribute back to the world, we owe it to each other and to future generations to fulfill that purpose. We need to breathe love, optimism and hope back into our cultural climate.

Interview feature by Karla Harris