The Artist Explains: Tom Lee-Richards - 'Out Of The Oddness' (Video)

Tom Lee-Richards reminisces about childhood memories in his new video for 'Out Of The Oddness', we had a little chat with him about it - 

How was the video filmed?
I flew to Wellington New Zealand to meet the Directors Phoebe Mackenzie and Emily Berryman and all the scenes were shot within 20 mins of Emily's house. I think that's testament to NZ's beauty considering I was climbing trees in a forrest, running around playgrounds and exploring Welly's coastline and streets. They were taking mostly hand held shots with the addition of various tracking shots to follow movement and build intensity. It was filmed on Saturday and Sunday which made the primary school scene a little easier. The forrest scene was pretty fun but I was not fit enough for all the running.

How does the video compliment the song?
Both subtly through camera angles and flickering light as well as thematically in the main mystical sword wielding story etc, it creates the same feeling of newness, conflict, growth and that pull of nostalgia. They did a great job!

Any behind the scenes stories?
Just a lot of trampoline jumping whilst rotating slightly with two masterful directors eyes peering up at me. Also plenty of running with real swords and everybody jumping from trees. There was a lady who decided her baby would use the playground swing at the same time as they were filming me on it. To be fair I was the out of place guy in the bird costume.

What is the video trying to convey, and tell us about some of the ideas used?
The video tells it's own story of real and imagined memories floating through the main characters head whilst being hungover and draped on a playground with only last night's hand-made bird costume to call his own. Like the song's true story about me breaking my arm on the first day of primary school, the video's character is in a state of bewilderment and vulnerability. His dreamed and remembered moments create a sense of his history and mental state leading to the current situation as well as the spirit building in him to explore and grow. Wholesome stuff huh. There are also swords.

Feature created by Ant Adams