The Artist Explains: Matt Milllard - 'Take Me Anywhere'

We speak to Birmingham singer-songwriter Matt Millard  and director Luke Collins about the visuals for Matt's dazzling, melancholic single,  'Take Me Anywhere', the title track of his new EP,  which is out now!
'Take Me Anywhere' is a raw and moving cut combining atmospheric, contemporary folk  with post punk nuances, offering a tender, emotionally charged listening experience that gains more memento, more confidence and more beauty as it progresses.

“The song is a plea to break away from a current situation, to seek escape and to find something new. The EP has recurring themes throughout, but ultimately portrays the emotions felt when we reach the ending of youth and a ‘coming of age’. It focuses on the struggles and frustrations we face being thrown into adulthood, and how at times our dreams and ambitions can feel impossible to reach.”

Matt Millard Explains:

Where was the video for 'Take Me Anywhere' filmed?
Matt Millard - ‘The video was actually filmed in a friends back room! I was there for a New Years eve party and after too many festive drinks I had a vision of shooting a music video there…at that stage I wasn’t quite sure of what that video would entail, but the retro disco ball lighting and atmosphere in the room caught my imagination.’

Luke Collins (Director) - ‘Yeah, Matt came up with the idea for the video on New Years Eve, he sent me a drunk video of the disco ball projecting on to the wall and that was that really!’.

How does the video connect with the song thematically?
MM - ‘Take Me Anywhere’ is about wanting to be anywhere other than the current situation you find yourself in. The video is a simple yet effective way of showing that idea visually, with me being the character in the centre of the party, yet being completely disengaged with everything else in the room’.

Any behind the scenes stories from the shoot/edit?
MM - ‘We actually began shooting the video at about four o’clock in the afternoon and everyone was completely sober, all the people in the video are our friends, so trying to get a group of non actors to act drunk as if it where 2am at a house party was quite tasking!’

Could you tell us about the ideas/themes/imagery used?

MM - ‘The main idea we had for the video was for it to be one continuous take, with no cuts. We wanted the imagery to be simple, yet progress in time with the song. As the song goes on, the camera slowly zooms out to reveal a party environment. Shooting in slow motion reinforced the ‘bubble’ idea of me (Matt) being separated from my surroundings’.

LC - ‘We wanted to show Matt feeling a bit lost but in a very relatable setting and the slow motion creates quite a dreamy feel to the scene. We wanted to make Matt really stand out from everything else that was going on, so we used quite bold contrast-heavy lighting.’

What is the message the video is trying to convey?
MM- ‘The video conveys a mix of emotions and themes, but ultimately we wanted to capture a feeling of isolation. ‘Take Me Anywhere’ is about not wanting to be in a current situation and finding yourself being lost. The disengagement between me (Matt) and the rest of the people in the video highlights that sense of separation.’

LC - ‘Hopefully the audience can empathise with Matt's story in the video, but there are little narratives playing out all around him too. The couple on a date together, the drunk catch up in the corner, I think it takes a few views to see everything!’

Interview feature by Karla Harris
Matt will celebrate the release of the new EP and single with a show at O2 Academy Birmingham on 7th March.