Single Review: TESHA - 'Dreams'

TESHA shares transcendental new single, 'Dreams' taken from her debut project, 'Dreams Vol 1'.

From the offset,  'Dreams' reveals itself to sonically straddle the border of the physical and spiritual realms. TESHA's gorgeous, soft vocal emerges from an eerie, shackled darkness, which becomes more transformative and brighter as the song develops. It's clear TESHA has lived through some things that have pushed her to breaking point, but has seen her come out of it all with a strength and beauty that her music wears so very well.

As such, 'Dreams' is a powerful song, journeying through magical and unconventional soundscape of  affecting textures, seeing TESHA become reborn. As TESHA reinvents herself, she emerges from being cocooned and finds her wings, soaring free, "from the pain of yesterday, absorbing all that shines".

While there is darkness within the song and ghosts crawl within it, light lives on in a way that finds its way out of the darkness with startling clarity. 'Dreams' is an extraordinary track, ethereal and evocative, yet firmly rooted in its relatable lyricism. It enchants but also allows that feeling of illusion to be torn away, as TESHA cuts to the very core of human emotion with her innovative production and completely touching vocal performance.

 I love this.

Words of Karla Harris