Single Review: Terra Naomi - 'Nothing To Hide'

Terra Naomi releases , 'Nothing To Hide' , the gorgeous second single to be taken from her upcoming album. 

Terra Naomi first crossed my radar in 2007 off the back of her 'Under The Influence' album. Her sound and image channeled this whole Ani Difranco ethos, marking her too as a strong, determined, female singer-songwriter. Naomi's exploration of the rock, pop and alternative genres was something that felt contemporary yet unconforming and gave me great pleasure during my teenage years.

For me, one of the most remarkable things about Naomi is her vocal; raw and folky in a classic kind of way, however easily adapted to grow taller, oozing attitude and a powerful confidence; or to curl itself into something, smaller, more tender, more docile. Her ability to do this lies around her exceptionally crafted lyrics and formidable storytelling, intimate yet relatable. Naomi's sound is a chameleon, constantly adapting to fit our fundamental basic emotions, human interactions and life experiences.

Just over a decade later, Naomi returns with a naturally more mature sound, while holding on to the main characteristics that drew her fans in from the beginning. Still unapologetically honest in her vulnerable storytelling, 'Nothing To Hide' reflects on the demise of a past relationship and reacting to that once significant other moving on.

The tone of the piece journeys through reflection, regretful acceptance and forgiveness, Naomi's vocal aches with matter-of-fact emotion, soaring from sophisticated and atmospheric multi-instruments, and slow rolling production.  Overall it's very clear, 'Nothing To Hide' is a tenderly crafted track, mellow and evocative, causing its listener to feel both soothed and saddened.

Words of Karla Harris

Produced by Tom Schick 'Nothing To Hide' is out now and is available on bandcamp.


  1. "causing its listener to feel both soothed and saddened", thanks for articulating how that song, and Terra's voice made me feel.


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