Single Review: Rayvin Moon - 'Tyler Durden'

Rayvin Moon releases stunning dark alt-pop debut single, 'Tyler Durden'.

Rayvin Moon steps away from her background in opera and classical music to embrace a lavish cinematic pop sound in 'Tyler Durden', which oozes a seductive and brooding nature that reminds me a lot of Lana Del Rey's influences.

'Tyler Durden' opens mysteriously with eerie and ambient synth, instantly encouraging intrigue and as the track develops, Rayvin Moon continues to feed the mystique as her sensational vocal soars out from the rolling thuds and dark atmospherics of the song's arrangements.The chorus is huge, airy and enthralling, and while the brooding fire burns bright throughout, the song encourages no negativity, instead channeling an  intoxicating nature which constantly rouses its listener.

All in all, 'Tyler Durden' has all the markers of an unforgettable debut single. The song's concern with aesthetics and dramatics is very much noted, yet sees Rayvin Moon shy away from being conventionally beautiful in both her lyrics and the song's production, giving it that much needed, blemished kick to stick out like a sore thumb.

Words of Karla Harris