Single Review: Mute Choir - 'Behind the Bars'

The writing process behind Mute Choir’s new single, ‘Behind The Bars’, is what makes this track even more exciting and interesting than its smooth lyrics and indie rock rhythm.

The man behind the Mute Choir name is Sam Arion, who moved to the city of Toronto at age eighteen and has since evolved as a songwriter and ditched traditional pop and rock lyrics for more introspective concepts of self-discovery. To write the lyrics for the title track of his debut album, ‘Behind the Bars', Arion created a character in his head and thought it would be interesting to write from the perspective of a guy in jail who’s wife never visits him.

With this character in mind, the new single explores the thoughts and emotions of someone who is experiencing that isolation and loneliness. The track begins beautifully sad and melancholy with a chorus that is no less than melodic, culminating in indie rock guitars and drums. The fact that Arion has created all of this by himself leaves us in a state of awe at how well he has created his sound and has left us in anticipation for more tracks.

Mute Choir’s debut album is due to be released in June and is set to feature more tracks similar to ‘Behind the Bars’, but will also dive into hypnotising synths. There is no doubt that this debut will make its way into the playlists of many indie rockers and fans of reflective and pensive lyrics.

Words by Max Herridge